Good Dog Sammy, LLC

Sit! Stay! Good Dog Sammy!

Jenn has been training dogs for over 10 years, with experience in helping a few shelter dogs get great homes. After completing dog obedience training courses through Penn-Foster, she trained for four years at he K9 Obedience Club of Jacksonville where she learned the dog sport Rally Obedience, which she also teaches. She also has experience with training hybrid wolf dogs. She will teach you what you need to know to get the right response from your four-legged friend in a positive way. She will also make sure you have a chance to apply what you are learning throughout the process. There are no bad dogs.

When Jenn was in middle school, she got her first dog, Mutt-Lee, a Field Irish Setter who had no formal training. She spent all her free time working with him, playing, walking and bathing, all of his favorite things. She noticed that he responded really well obedience training with him. She also realized her passion for working with animals.

After Jenn had graduated from high school, she went on to work at the Jacksonville Humane Society. Her particular duties, which included kennel cleaning, allowed her to spend ample time in the stray dog kennels and work with some of the dogs there and get them prepared for the adoption kennels. The little extra TLC all of the kennel staff gave these dogs went a long way in those dogs getting forever homes.

She has also owned wolf-dogs which can be trained with a little extra effort. Please note that these hybrids do not make ideal pets. The two mentioned below were rescue situations. The first was in 1999, Lightning, an older male wolf dog who was not socialized properly. He was abandoned when the owner just left one day and never came back. He loved people but needed extra attention on impulse control. Jenn worked hard with Lightning and started taking him to obedience classes for socializing and began to make breakthroughs. He needed self-confidence as he was very very submissive due to animal cruelty early on in his life from his original owner. Lightning ended up being the best friend to a wonderful family out in the mid-west and he did wonderfully with the children in that family. The second wolf dog was in 2009 named Lilly. She is a great and well behaved wolf-dog, who happened to train easily. Jenn worked with her and she did great off leash and responded well to the recall command. She lives with a close friend who had another wolf. These dogs require special attention and are not recommended as pets. These two were rescued and adopted out to special places with the means to house and care for them.

Which is why Jenn is so poodle crazy! These dogs are fantastic and she has the the time of her life with them. They train so very well and are a very versatile breed. Jenn currently shares her home with 3 poodles - Sammy a mini, Maggie a toy and Moon-Bug a stadard; Kara a Shiba Inu and a one-eyed shelter rescue kitty named D'Yana. 

Jenn is a graduate of Penn-Foster Career School where she gained valuable information on training dogs and puppies as well as grooming. She is a member of the APDT and also an AKC CGC Evaluator #85958.