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Quotes We had an absolutely wonderful experience with this trainer! We have a 10-year old schnauzer who had recently lost her longtime mate and so we decided to adopt a new adult to be a companion. Unfortunately, the first meeting did not go well and the dogs did not get along at all. Our 10-year old bit the new dog his first night in our home. We called in Good Dog Sammy to help us understand how to make the two dogs get along and coexist happily. The trainer came to our house and spent about an hour and a half with us. Our dogs were immediately calm in her presence and she seemed to know exactly how to make them behave. She took the time to get to know their personalities and recommended ways for us to help them in every day life. At the end of the session, she gave us some more tips to help. I've been able to email her once or twice with updates and advice and she is always accommodating and helpful. I really can't say enough good things about this trainer - she is a pro! Quotes
Lisa and Dave
Wonderful Trainer!