Good Dog Sammy, LLC

Sit! Stay! Good Dog Sammy!

A few words of wisdom about puppy class etiquette from Sammy:

Puppies, please keep your owners on a leash at all times. You can do this by not pulling the leash out of their hands or removing your collars

Please take away your owners' cell phones during class (Turn the volume down)

Please make sure your owner has come prepared with doggie waste bags and you take your owner to the designated potty area

Please make sure your owner has packed enough soft treats for your training session

Please make sure your owner remembers your water and a dish

Please be sure that your owner doesn't wander too close to another puppy parent allowing you to play and get distracted by a fellow classmate

Please be courteous to shy classmates by keeping your distance as they adjust maintaining a positive training atmosphere

Most important rule: Have lots of fun!!!!!!!


To make the registration process go faster on the first day of class, please download the registration form fill it out and bring it with you. Thank you.