Good Dog Sammy, LLC

Sit! Stay! Good Dog Sammy!

Hi!! I'm Moon-Bug and I'm going to share a secret to better heeling. See, I'm a competition dog and love to do Rally. I love to be in the ring and show everyone what I can do, including being silly just enough to make everyone laugh but not get disqualified. My mom loves when I do things like that because everyone laughs and has a great time. 

I'm going to demonstrate what heeling should look like and what it should not look like. You'll see from the pictures below where I am walking nicely beside my mom but pay close attention to what happens when I sit beside her. See, the trick to getting good scores in competition is to sit right beside her and not off to the side. It also looks cool to your friends how you can sit perfectly beside your human when you stop walking. 

Enjoy the demonstration. You can use this whether you are wanting to compete or just look better while walking out in public. You'll get great compliments from everyone you meet!!!!!! So let's get started!!!!

You start out looking great! Sitting right beside your human. You think, "Yea, I got this!"

You take those first steps....lookin good......

Look at you go!!!!!!

Then, it happens. You're now officially a "Butt Dog". That means when you sit, you're no longer beside your human, your butt is off to the side. Doesn't look so good does it? Just look at my mom's face when I sit crooked like that. Yea, we'll get through the competition but may lose points. 

Fear not! There is a solution for "Butt Dog". You start out along the fence, walking close to it. Practice this a few times. Don't worry, the fence doesn't bite, I checked. 

Now, you're ready to start again without the fence. Look at how nicely I sit with my mom after practicing the fence walking a few times. Don't give up. You can do it!!!! "As long as it takes!"